Stylish gathering for Hennessy British Link Up

April 18, 2017

Perhaps upstaged by the migration of party people to the slew of soca-themed events on Jamaica's north coast, Hennessy British Link Up, staged in Kingston on Saturday, turned out to be an easily maneuverable, stylish gathering.

Held on the dock of the Caribbean Queen boat at the waterfront, downtown Kingston, those who came out were dressed to impress.

Regardless of the migration, a few dedicated fans came out to the Hennessy British Link Up with an attitude for rocksteady and dancehall. Stone Love disc jockeys played from a stage that towered over where the crowd may have been.

Guarded with red-velvet roping, a tower of Moet champagne bottles was centred before the stage, a gaudy and similarly illustrious display. Keeping it lit, waitresses emerged from behind the bar every few minutes with sparking bottles of the champagne, underscoring the stylish nature of the event.

Throughout the night, patrons were allowed access to the Caribbean Queen's gangway, from which they got a chance to enjoy the moonlit view of the Kingston Harbour.

Two other events are planned for Hennessy Dancehall Week 2017. Hennessy Yellow and White takes place today, and Hennessy Oh Canada will take place on Friday. The events will be at the Caribbean Queen dock in downtown Kingston.

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