'Carnival in Jamaica' gets extra fuel from Nescafe

April 21, 2017
All smiles for our lens on the big truck at UWI Carnival are Ockino Petrie, consumer marketing manager - Beverage at Nestle Jamaica, and his marketing coordinator colleague,Tiffany Davidson.

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett stated that 'Carnival in Jamaica' is set to be the next big thing on the country's entertainment calendar, and Nestlee has jumped on board to help fuel revellers as they partake in these events.

"Nescafe's sponsorship of Xaymaca, Exodus and Bacchanal events throughout the carnival season brings an element of energy, fun and just good vibes," said Ockino Petrie, consumer marketing manager at Nestle, the parent company of the Nescafe brand.

The compact carnival calendar of activities promises to be bigger and better with Nescafe fuelling newcomers, Xodus and Xaymaca, as well as veterans, Bacchanal Jamaica three of the four carnival bands for 2017. Nescafe is also the proud sponsor of the Sun Nation series, as well as the highly energetic UWI carnival.

"Our Nescafe 'passionistas' are typically fun-loving individuals and groups, and they will be participating in these events, so we will be there with our hot and cold coffee to give them the energy to start and continue with their revelling throughout the carnival events," Sean Wallace, marketing manager of Nestle, said.

On Sunday, the streets of the Corporate Area will be transformed into a sea of vivid colour as revellers will 'jump and wave' to the sound of sweet soca music while on the road with one of the four carnival brands. A special Nescafe bar with a number of 'rocket-men' vendors will govern the eight hours of partying. Carnival lovers can also expect to see the high-energy Nescafe team at Big Wall one of the premium carnival after-parties.

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