Praj-X enters dancehall space with 'Alien Anatomy'

April 21, 2017


Rising dancehall artiste Praj-X has released his new EP, 'Alien Anatomy'. It contains nine tracks and features production work from the likes of Panta Son, Grab Dem Records, Building Block Records and Fire Buster.

"The EP is basically to showcase and introduce Praj-X as a new artiste with a mind that is out of this earth and not of this time. The aim is to be original and outstanding among the vast population of artistes in the business," Praj-X said.

Praj-X strategically worked with a cadre of new and up-and-coming producers to give the project a 'street' feel and some relativity.

Alien Anatomy was released in late March via Me Iself & I Entertainment. The tracks are Go Fi Kartel, Dem A Say Wah Do Me, Humble, Snap Chat, Devil God Son, Desert Clarks, Sun As My King, Fi Me Mama and Tell Me Why.

Originally from May Pen in Clarendon, Praj-X, whose real name Jeffrey Porter, recorded his first single in 2009 under the name Neckoteen after entering the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition.

Since then, he has recorded and released several songs, including Mad Ting N Boom, which did well.

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