Revellers sail into Kingston Harbour for carnival

April 24, 2017
Hot girls hang out on the Kingston Waterfront before boarding the 'Treasure Queen', an entertainment boat that headed out to sea for about three hours with music blasting.

A boatload of party animals descended on Jamaica for road march yesterday, but not before getting a real dose of entertainment aboard the Treasure Queen.

The Treasure Queen is virtually unknown in these waters, but the entertainment which it serves up could become a staple for island-hopping revellers seeking a taste of carnival.

Candace Guppy, who spearheads Candy-Coated, told THE STAR that her party boat follows carnival across the region. She said Candy-Coated just completed a cruise in Trinidad before making its way to Jamaica.

"It's a party cruise that goes out off the coast of wherever we decide, and for three-four hours we just party and have a good time before coming back."




Guppy explained that the cruise takes place during carnival season, but said the event is not to be classified as a soca voyage.

"We try to do cruises in other countries outside of carnival so it's not a soca event per se," she explained. "The people who follow carnival, follow Candy-Coated events, and I just give them a way to enjoy themselves."

THE STAR spoke to several of the patrons as they disembarked the boat by the Kingston waterfront and they expressed satisfaction with the experience. A female patron, who identified herself as Simone, told THE STAR that she is an avid supporter of Candy-Coated events.

"I was on the cruise when it stopped in Trinidad and I'm here today. It never disappoints. It's an all-inclusive event that goes-out to sea. What more could you ask for?" she said.

"I love soca. I was born in Jamaica, but I live in New York," she said.

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