Prado feeling the love for 'Rotten Rich'

April 26, 2017
Dancehall artiste Prado, formerly Desperado.

Re-emerging dancehall artiste Prado, also known as Desperado, is quite pleased that the hard work invested into the promotion of his latest single, 'Rotten Rich', has reaped real rewards.

The artiste has seen the single, produced by Apartment 19 Music, propel to one of the top juggling spots in the streets.

"I never expected it and am very grateful that the fans are requesting the song at dances on a nightly basis. I have to give thanks to the selectors, the sound systems, the mix tape DJs and all the weekly events for their support," Prado said.

Rotten Rich was recorded late last year on RDX's Hot Foot Rhythm that also features I-Octane, Spice, Raytid and RDX, among others.

Over the last few months, the song has been one of the top two singles rotated from the project.

The single was inspired by the general hope the artiste has always had for black people who want to aspire to true wealth to actually achieve it.

Prado believes that hard work is important in making the wealth dream a reality.




"We don't sit around talking about being poor, we talk about getting rich. I believe people should strive for wealth, not over happiness, not by selling your soul. But go for wealth and do not settle," Prado added.

So far, Prado has performed the Rotten Rich single at some major events and received excellent responses, including The Jamaica Moves launch with RDX at the Emancipation Park and the Digicel Grand Prix at the National Stadium with Chi Ching Ching.

A video for Prado's single Talk, voiced for NotNice Records, should be released before the summer.

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