Gangsters in Black thrills patrons

April 28, 2017
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer 'Real Genna', Cass Go Hard with his queen, Mona while at Gangsters in Black third anniversary held at Olympia Crown Hotel on Molynes Road recently.
The delightful duo of Samantha (left) and Shauniece.
Dora Simpson in an 'interesting' black dress.
Though Aysha wasn't following the black dress code, she had the looks and physique to warm any party.
Craigy T (right) chills with Ruddy of Bikini Sundayz.
The promotional duo of Hammer (left) and Punch based in Old Harbour, came out to support.
Swagga Mumma was hot in this outfit.
Rashel is all dolled up.
Host of Gangsters in Black Cass Go Hard gets a liquor shower.

The third anniversary of Gangsters in Black saw the women dressing to impress while the 'gangsters' represented their respective teams and communities well.

Apart from the fashion, the flossing, and the hype, the musical presentation was awesome.

With the likes of Chris Dymond, DJ Banka, and DJ Hattaclaps on the musical consoles, the party was already on its way to being a hit.

Cass Go Hard, the host of the party, said: "Well, the streets were covered. Thanks for the support from one and all. The party was a huge success, and we may have to change the venue for the next staging as the party has outgrown this venue."

He added: "Even though the party is named Gangsters in Black, a tribute to all hard-working hustlers in the street that know how to hold their own, the party is also for the ladies who, in their own way, bring a different vibe to the party, and I must say, they played their part well."

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