Good ol' J'can food at community cookout

May 01, 2017
Fried fish and bammy were among the dishes at the community event.
The always popular jerk pork.
Dwane Thomas (right), aka Maxwell, was busy in the kitchen all day.
Tun cornmeal anyone?
Finger lickin' fried chicken.

The community of Content in the hills of St Catherine came alive recently with the fourth staging of the Tanesha Walters Cookout and Party.

THE STAR was told that part proceeds from the cookout will go towards assisting the less fortunate.

"She (Walters) is a poor relief officer. The money that is made, she uses a part of it to give back to those whom she serves. This is a commendable gesture," said mayor of Spanish Town Norman Scott.

Meanwhile, Walters told THE STAR that it feels like it is a duty to give back to those who don't have it.

"It is a labour of true love that is carried out by my sisters, friends and close relatives," Walters said. The food was served to persons throughout the community and as far as Spanish Town.

It was an occasion that saw dishes of delectable meats, including fried fish, stewed pork, curried goat and fried chicken. To complement the meats, there was rice, bammies and roasted breadfruit.

To 'burp' the gas, there was goat head soup,

To supplement the bellyful, those in attendance also got a musical serving from Tifanny Disco.

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