Retro Party blitz for Sumfest

May 02, 2017
Joe Bogdanovich, CEO at DownSound Entertainment.
Part of the audience at Reggae Sumfest 2016 in Montego Bay, Sy James.

Nineties dancehall will be highlighted this summer at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest's newest event, Sumfest Blitz: Retro Block Party.

Sumfest Blitz will be held on Wednesday, July 19 at Pier 1 in Montego Bay, as part of a week-long roster of events as the festival celebrates 25 years of existence. Organisers say the party will be a complete blast from the past, as all the elements of a retro '90s 'dance' will be incorporated.

"Everything will be a '90s block party vibe," said executive assistant to the CEO at DownSound Entertainment Karla Jankee. "From the zinc fence to the can light decor, to bikers & the pan chicken man. We are also encouraging patrons to dress in '90s fashion, so the 'batty rider', mesh merino, bubbles and so on," she said.




The party will be the fourth in a series of events planned for the revamped reggae festival, slated for July 16-22.

Jankee said that although the party and the '90s theme is new to Sumfest, the first staging of Blitz was held three years ago as a Christmas celebration for DownSound's boss, Josef Bogdanovicch.

"Sumfest has never done anything like this. Patrons should come for the high energy, great vibe and great '90s music," Jankee said.







- Beach party on Sunday July, 16,

- Sunset Yacht Party on Monday, July 17

- All-White party at Pier One happens on Tuesday, July 18,

- Sumfest Blitz on Wednesday, July 19

- Reggae Sumfest Heavy Weight Clash on Thursday, July 20 at Pier 1

- Sumfest live shows at Catherine Hall on Friday, July 21 and Saturday, July 22.

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