Mr Straight bats for positive music

May 04, 2017

In an industry where several artistes have been rejecting the label of role models, up-and-coming entertainer Mr Straight has embarked on a journey to send positive messages through his music.

The artiste recently released a social commentary titled 'Save our World'. He told The STAR that despite pronouncements from artistes like Savage and Vybz Kartel, artistes are role models.

"If they sing about violence and about guns, the youths will pick it up, believing it's OK," Mr Straight said about the impact of entertainers on social behaviour.

"We need to motivate and educate our youths for tomorrow. I have great concern and love for Jamaica, and I wrote this song after I was bothered by the crime and violence not only in Jamaica but around the world," he said.

Mr Straight opined that positive music is rarely played on local radio since reggae's decline locally.

"It's difficult to get my songs played on radio and in the street. Even when your song is very good you still struggle to get it played. To make it in this business you need to have the right management to back you, it can be very costly and too expensive for youths like me from the ghetto," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Straight has his own theory for the spike in crime in the island.




"There is not enough jobs, and those who are working are not paid enough money. Also, we need to change the whole living structure. It is too hard for youths to buy a house or get a good job. After travelling to many different parts of the world, I realised that we are way behind time. I can achieve things way quicker abroad than in my own country, which is a let-down. No wonder most youths want to leave," he said.

Ministry of Labour data indicates that in 2016, the labour force was 1.3 million people, of which nearly 13 per cent are unemployed. In fact, youth unemployment was measured at 32.4 per cent.

"These were the lowest figures since 2011. However, despite this decline, the level of youth unemployment is still a cause for concern," the ministry said.

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