Skatta not amused by obeah claim

May 04, 2017
Rankin Pumpkin

Skatta Burrell, a resident judge on the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, appears stunned by accusations from Japanese artiste Rankin Pumpkin that he is using obeah to have her elimin-ated from the talent show.

"This is not the weirdest comment I've heard. However, it was strange coming from a Japanese. When Jamaicans speak like that, it's not as surprising because we can be very superstitious," Skatta Burrell told The STAR.

During Saturday night's live show, Rankin Pumpkin was asked by host Boasy Boy Floyd if she knew about obeah. She responded in the affirmative and charged that Skatta was emplo-ying witchcraft to secure her exit from the competition.

However, Skatta Burrell said Rankin Pumpkin's assertions are unfounded.

"If I was practising obeah, most of them would be voted off and I would not be sitting on the stage getting my ears brutalised every week," Skatta Burrell said.

When contacted by The STAR, Rankin Pumpkin, through her manager Desmond Harvey, said the comments should not to be taken seriously.

"Skatta was the one who said she must have obeah to be in the competition so long, so she was only responding by pointing out that Skatta must be the one practising obeah to get her out. It was nothing serious. [It is] a just joke between them," Harvey said.

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