Daylight start for Picture Perfect

May 08, 2017
These friends attended the party with one thing in mind - they wanted to turn heads.
With her long legs, this patron made her simple outfit the centre of attention.
These two were cute in pastel colours.
Blondes have more fun, they say, and this woman seemed to be enjoying the party.
This woman obviously attended the party to make a statement.
Marvin The Beast and Nickeisha seem inseparable.
Bishop Escobar cues a song as he uses the microphone.
Dancehall duo K-Queens was also enjoying the vibes at the party.
This pair was busy dancing up a storm.
Waitresses brought out high-end liquor throughout the night.
This woman was golden from head to toes.
With fashionable boots, she kept things trendy.

Dancehall artiste Shizzle Sherlock hosted Picture Perfect Boat Ride on the dock of the Caribbean Queen at 3B Port Royal Street, downtown Kingston, recently.

The party was off to a late start, which is the norm for boat rides in the Corporate Area.

When THE STAR arrived on the scene minutes after 4 a.m., patrons were seen streaming in. It wasn't until daylight that the vibe went up a notch, and dance crews kept the dock rocking with trendy action-filled performances.

Giving support to the event were Bounty Killer, K-Queens, Marvin The Beast and his other half, DHQ Nickeisha. Iceberg, who collaborated with Shizzle on Think a Chattinz was also inside the venue.

"Picture Perfect sell off. Dem think a bruk talk? A we seh money," said Shizzle Sherlock, who recently did Cash Cash with Iceberg.

Here are some highlights from the party.

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