George Nooks begs fans to stand by him

May 09, 2017
George Nooks
George Nooks


Iconic reggae artiste George Nooks is asking fans to stand by his side as he battles with the law, following the recent charges laid against him for drug possession.

According to the veteran, he is surprised that so many fans have crucified him although he has not been found guilty.

"I see a lot of things in the media, but I can't say much now because my lawyer told me not to say anything much. It is, however, surprising to see how much people have gone against me, and some of the things are not true," he said.


Powdery substance


According to police sources, the 56-year-old entertainer was arrested in St Andrew last Friday, after a plastic bag with a small quantity of white powdery substance, believed to be cocaine, was found in his 2016 Mercedes Benz sport utility vehicle.

Despite the damning allegations, Nooks said he thought his fans were more loyal.

"Some of these people who are crucifying me, what did I do to you? I have done nothing but be a good singer for you all these years. God bless unuh same way though. I have not done half as much good as what Jesus did and look what they did to him. Big up all the loyal fans who have stuck with me through this experience," he said.


No hard feelings


He, however, performed at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel following his release. Nooks said there was some chatter before his appearance, but he was eventually welcomed and proceeded to deliver an intimate set.

"I just want to tell my supporters, gwaan hold on and remember God is always there," he said.

But not everyone was as forgiving as he has been axed from the line-up of the Mother's Day concert, 'A Gift for Mom', to be held on Sunday at the National Indoor Sports Centre in St Andrew.

The singer told THE STAR that there were no hard feelings.

"They are saying some sponsors have something to say about me performing. If they don't want me on it, I understand. They just want to crucify me based on allegations. This too shall pass, and my lawyer, Mr Tavares, will put out a release in short order," Nooks said.

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