Platinum Kids featured in Richie Stephens' video

May 11, 2017
Garfield 'Chin' Bourne (centre) with the Platinum Kids outfit after they won the US Rumble sound in New York City.
Richie Stephens

With their recent win of the coveted title of America's National 'US Rumble Champion', Platinum Kids continue to ride high.

Over the past two weeks the dynamic duo, Paul and Marcus, found themselves trying to balance the demand for interviews and bookings, as well as preparing for international tours.

This week, Grammy Award-winning reggae artiste Richie Stephens released his video Sound Boy You Dead, which features some of sound-system culture's highly acclaimed selectors and DJs.




For Platinum Kids, this is a great feeling to be among some of sound-system culture greats.

"The feature in the video is a great look, to be among some of the sound culture great selectors and DJs, like Ricky Trooper, Richie Poo, Billy Slaughter, Gee Fus and we bredda Foota Hype, it's a good look," said Marcus. "We were in Jamaica and linked up with Richie Stephens ... and he let us know him a shoot a 'sound boy' video and we should be in it. So we just made ourselves available and the rest, dem seh, is history."

The video depicts a group of sound men on the premises of Richie Stephens' studio playing dominoes and reminiscing on how they dealt with a 'sound boy' in a clash setting.

The sound boys see Richie Stephens and immediately they ask him to go into the studio and record the dub for the clash. Platinum Kids can be seen throughout the video vibe-ing to the track as well as making a statement, "sound get lock off".

The video, which was shot in Kingston, Jamaica, garnered a little over 1,000 views in a few hours.

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