Tactikal embraces international buzz

May 12, 2017

Ossan McKenzie, more widely known as Tactikal, has recently seen a favourable surge in his career offshore.

The unsigned dancehall artiste, who has been working closely with Jammy James of Jam2 Records over the past year, has gained the attention of music lovers in several South American territories.

Two of his most recent releases, Shake Like a Pom Pom, on the Mogul Movements Rhythm for Infinity Moguls Inc, and the Hot Tonite remix for Siene Music/Mirko Polik, a collaboration with popular Mexican artiste Jah Fabio, have given rise to Tactikal's renewed vigour.

The remix, which has a supporting music video, according to Tactikal's handlers, is doing well, and following a hugely supported press conference recently in Mexico City, the expectations for the single are immeasurable.

Last week, the single entered Japan's 'More Fire Show' chart at number nine. Tactikal's first official overseas booking is scheduled for June with his first assignment at the 2017 Reggae Live Festival in Mexico City on June 17, incidentally his 26th birthday.




He told THE WEEKEND STAR, "It's just a joy. Words can't explain the feeling. As an artiste, this is the result when you put in the work. Mi afi big up my team, from publicist to producers to management. Fans in Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia have reached out to my team. I get a lot of videos from the DJ Pensativo and others playing my song and I'm able to see the huge reception."

Last year, the artiste stormed the local airwaves with Man A Gyalis on the Orgy Rhythm, a follow-up single to Gimmi Di Cash on the Off Di Press Rhythm for R.M. E Musiq/Time Unit Music.

Tactikal also said an EP and mixtape will be released soon.

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