Wasp tells them to 'Join The Line'

May 12, 2017

Popular dancehall lyricist Wasp has proven once again that his writing ability is a cut above the rest in the dancehall industry with the new Notnice-produced single called Join The Line.

The single forms part of Notnice's Top Story Rhythm project released last month and has already been put into rotation on major radio stations and added to street selectors and sound systems playlists worldwide.




The track itself is motivated by Wasp's own life and experiences and details exactly what is now happening with his upwardly trending career.

"A lot of people don't believe in you until your career starts to take off. They even say outright that you won't make it. But once persons didn't believe in me from day one and are looking to 'run een' when good things start happening, I have to tell them to just join the line," Wasp said.

The artiste believes that the fact that persons can directly relate to the words of the song has contributed greatly to its success thus far.

"(The song) is a breath of fresh air on the radio. We hear the same songs over and over with the same topic. Join The Line gives music fans diversity because I find new ways of addressing badmind and haters, and that is usually the formula for making a hit song," Wasp added

The artiste is also looking at crafting an interesting treatment for the music video as well, with plans to have that released before the summer.

Wasp is also set to release visuals for his solemn Kingston City single, the lead track from the Kingston City Rhythm released earlier this year.

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