Bounty Killer's Equal Rights threat fizzles in Portland

May 24, 2017
Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer's big bad threat that he would 'rush' Ishawna if she performed the most talked about song, Equal Rights at the Bikini Fish Floss stage show in Portland amounted to nothing last night.

Ishawna did not only perform Equal Rights but she also gave lessons to her audience about how they can get their boyfriends to perform oral sex on them. She suggested that females should use their fingers to play with their clitoris and then transfer the residue to their partner's mouth.

With anticipation high at the Errol Flynn Marina, Bounty Killer, dressed in his trademark black, walked to the stage after Ishawna, who was in contrasting white, had performed. He was in crossed, angry and miserable, and he made that clear from the outset, delivering Gal fi Get Wuk and Follow Mi Arrow, songs which speaks to the sexual prowess of Jamaican men. 

"Weh di clean mouth gal dem deh?" he quizzed. In a thinly-veiled reference to Ishawna's song, Bounty Killer said he had heard some of the girls singing some songs before he entered the stage. Ironically, Ishawna's last song before leaving the stage was Equal Rights.



Bounty Killer goaded the audience along the oral sex lines, feeding into the narrative that such act is reprehensible. He asked the girls with clean mouths, and those who can kiss his children to scream. He then blamed worthless men for giving rise to the call for Equal Rights. And as sure as the clock ticked, Bounty Killer reeled off Wutless Bwoy 

"Mi nuh like weh a gwane. Me hear girl guh pon TV and say 96 per cent of unno man a Jamaica guh 69," Bounty Killer said. He urged the men inna the audience who are in the four per cent to put their hands in the air. He also said that any man who performs oral sex is a "crack head", he had sections of the crowd going wild but Ishawna appeared to have convinced many women in the crowd that 'bumpa to forehead' is the way to go.

"Mek sure unno a get unno equal rights and justice," she told the women in the audience. "Yuh have some man, unno wash fi him, unno cook fi him, unno clean fi him, unno quint di p@&@y real good fi him, and guess what? Him naah gi unno equal rights him a go outa road go give some dutty careless oman. That cannot work," she said.

The events organisers were forced to extra security in place for the show, but up to press time there were no reports of incidents. As far as the threat goes, it seems to have come to naught.

Ishawna may have won the battle by performing Equal Rights at Bikini Fish Flosson. However, with Bounty Killer having said that if she performed the song she cannot appear on any more shows with him, the jury is still out on whether she will triumph in the war.


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