UK-based Fiyah Mawi seeks local success

June 20, 2017
Fiyah Mawi

From his early days while attending high school, Fiyah Mawi is best remembered for his daily role of singing in class and knocking on desktops, which captured the attention of classmates and teachers.

His early musical talents were probably taken lightly back then, as no one gave much thought to him becoming an international reggae artiste.

But Fiyah Mawi is now creating waves in the UK, where he is spreading reggae music.

"I have been holding up the Jamaican flag musically on the international scene. I have also performed with some of the top performers in reggae out of Jamaica. I have some strong music, which have been getting airplay, and, honestly, it's about cementing my brand in Jamaica at this point," he said.

The artiste admitted that getting the break on local soil is not the easiest task. However, he intends to make his hard work speak for itself.

Fiyah Mawi is also requesting that Jamaican disc jockeys and officials pay more attention to foreign-based artistes, who he claims are hard-working and are in some instances, more committed to the task.

"I consider myself to be a reggae ambassador, who, having developed a passion for the music, is spreading the message to the 'reached' and 'unreached'. Reggae music is a rich part of the Jamaican heritage, and I am merely preserving it along with that legacy left by the icons," he said.

The artiste says that even though the UK and US are regarded as First World countries, Jamaica's approval can do wonders for the career of an artiste. He also said artistes who practise their craft in front of a Jamaican audience are better prepared to work on international stages.

"For one to become truly recognised, one has to have his songs validated in Jamaica before getting the stamp of approval elsewhere. It is imperative that I get my songs on the air locally. Once the Jamaican public gives the thumbs up, it will undoubtedly become a hit worldwide," he said.

Fiyah Mawi recently performed in Brixton, UK, and is expected to make appearances at several events over the summer.

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