Kastro wants objective media coverage for all artistes

July 03, 2017

Recording artiste Kastro is asking that the media give more attention to artiste development instead of saturating the media landscape with a handful of artistes.

He thinks the music industry would be at a better place if more talented artistes were given the opportunity to shine.

"The problem we are faced with in Jamaican music is the bias thing. We want better songs to be played on the airwaves and more variety of artistes. You just hear three or four artistes alone a play each day pon the media and young artistes won't get to break that way. How do we expect new ideas to break? Play us and give us a chance to make our mark in music," he said.

Kastro, who believes he is bringing a different flavour to the industry, revealed that it is a difficult task to even get a listening ear from credible persons who should be helping to develop music.

"But mi just a gwaan work and improve the brand to a point where it cannot be denied. It's no easy thing, because you feel like your back is against the wall, but at the end of the day, they say hard work beats talent," he said.

The artiste is gearing up to release a new mixtape titled Mad Konnektion and is hoping that he will break into the international market.

As for the current tendency for foreigners to borrow elements of Jamaican music, Kastro says it's a practice he welcomes.

"It only goes to show the globe that we are trendsetters. Jamaicans are number one in the world, from Bob to Usain. We are a superpower as it relates to culture. That is why we should get back to the grass roots of our music like what our greats were doing," he said.


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