Sean Kingston buys house, Benz in Ja - Set to perform at Reggae Sumfest

July 17, 2017
(From left): publicist Press Kay, Sean Kingston and his mother, Mama Kingston.
Sean Kingston poses with his new car and house uptown.

Pop star Sean Kingston has purchased a house and a new Mercedes Benz in Jamaica ahead of his Sumfest performance this week.

According to the singer, who spoke to The STAR while unveiling his house in Norbrook, houses are good investments, especially since he has been making several trips to Jamaica in recent times.

"Every time I come to Jamaica, I always have to be renting a car or try to get buses for my entire team. In the US, I have like three, four cars, so I just feel like Jamaica is my country and one of the best places I have been to, so I want to set the thing. So I made up my mind that this year I will be getting a car and a house. With God's willing, everything, has been falling into place; I got the car, and I have my house in Norbrook, so I am really excited, and I will be here a lot," he said.

The singer says it is fun living in Los Angeles, however, there is no place like home.

"There is something special about Jamaica that a lot of countries don't have. As soon as you land, you feel the love and you feel the vibe. I am tired of staying in hotels... . I want to be in something that I own and where I am comfortable. The Norbrook area is nice. I checked several places, but the view up there is priceless, and I have more privacy," he said.


'Bass-driven country'


Sean Kingston recently signed a headphone endorsement deal with Monster and is also looking to launch a reality show on E! later this year. The headphone will be launched in Montego Bay on the final night of Sumfest.

"It will be called the Sean Kingston signature Monster Box. They are the ones who started Beats by Dre, and they are giving me 12 percent of the company, and my edition of the Monster Box will carry the colours red, gold and green for the Caribbean. I am going to be pushing the brand, and on the back end, they will be pushing my music. The Jamaican version of the product has more bass than the normal because we are a bass-driven country. As for the realty show, we will start filming in coming weeks, and persons will get a chance to get a look into my family life," he said.

Sean Kingston is known for a plethora of hits, including Beautiful Girls, Take You There, and Fire Burning among others. He has also written songs for Chris Brown like Ayo, Liquor and Moses. As for Sumfest, the singer says organisers are going in the right direction.

"I feel like we have a lot of good Caribbean music right now. Everybody is trying to do it. We are at an all-time high. That is why I have my mixtape, Made in Jamaica, coming with that signature sound, so Sumfest is on the right page," he said.

He also revealed that he has researched the Jamaican audience and is ready to deliver an entertaining set on Saturday night. He also has a mixtape on the way called Made in Miami.

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