Sound Fest to feature various music styles

July 19, 2017
Gilbert 'Irish' Murchison (left) and Garfield 'Chin' Bourne.

Veteran promoters 'Irish' and 'Chin' are set to pay homage to sound system culture with the second staging of Sound Fest Vibez in the Park.

The event is set for Sunday, July 30, at Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, New York.

The event is a collaboration with Irie Jam Radio and will also feature Caribbean food from an array of vendors.

The festival will also feature as many as 16 sound systems and six guest artistes, and will also commemorate the 20th anniversary of the collaboration between Irish and Chin, who have dedicated much of their career in the music business to the promotion of the sound system culture.

Sound Fest Vibez in the Park will feature icons like Rory from Stone Love, Downbeat, Killamanjaro, Renaissance, Body Guard, Black Chiney, Metromedia, Mighty Crown, Blunt Posse, among others. Performers will include Josey Wales and Brigadier Jerry.

"I fell in love with sound system culture as a young teenager and since then, I have spent 20 years of my life fighting to preserve and uplift multiple aspects of it to ensure that young people and future generations enjoy the same thrills of dancehall music and culture as I did. Through Sound Fest, we are celebrating the growth and accomplishments of a 20-year-old brand, while aiming to provide a necessary platform for further highlighting sound system culture," Garfield 'Chin' Bourne told THE STAR.

This year's entertainment package is aimed to please all lovers of dancehall. The organisers have therefore arranged the entertainment package into three segments - 'Foundation', 'Big Chune' and 'Jugglerz'.

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