Chris Brown shows respect to Gyptian ... samples reggae star's big hit

August 25, 2017
Chris Brown

Grammy Award-winning pop star Chris Brown has paid homage to Gyptian by injecting a part of his gold-selling record 'Hold You' into his new single 'Questions'.

Hold You, which was produced by Ricky Blaze, was also remixed by Nicki Minaj and is Gyptian's biggest record to date.

The artiste, who dabbles with both reggae and dancehall music, told THE WEEKEND STAR that Chris Brown's decision to draw inspiration from his song is proof that Jamaican music continues to make an impact overseas.

"I am ok with it and it goes to show that people a say dancehall music. Chris Brown using my music is a positive thing, and I have nothing bad to say about it. I was notified and all the proper channels were used," he said. "In Jamaica, we should just do good music and let the music speak for itself and don't hype it out. The special thing about Hold You is that it was able to bridge the gap between dancehall and hip hop."

The singer also said Hold You is one of his most requested songs globally. Questions also saw Brown drawing inspiration from the work of Kevin Lyttle.

"This song always have life and when we are on tour we have to sing it five to seven times. So this is not a rebirth, it is just an add-on because Hold You always a hold dem yu nuh," said Gyptian.


Independent route


Gyptain recently ended working relations with VP Records, citing that he is going the independent route. He also noted that his decision to leave the label will see him working with more international artistes.

"Watch and see now. The minute the overseas artistes realise that I am not with them, they will be coming on board to collaborate with me. I also want labels to know that I am not opposed to signing again. However, I want to sign with a label that cares about my brand and will put me as priority," he said.

Gyptain recently formed his own record label, Right Direction Records and will sign artistes like Munga Honourable, Bascom X, Militancy, and Ice Cold.

He recently released a single titled Closer, and will drop a new effort with Troyton Records.

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