Dancers bring energy to Weddy Weddy

September 16, 2017
The crowd was certainly loving the music.
DHQ Nickeisha (left) and her lover Marvin The Beast get a little close.
This patron seems to be enjoying the vibe.
Shakespear (left) and Chi Ching Ching
This hottie was wearing camouflage, but she could not hide her sense of style.
These two get down to business.
She was definitely lost in the music.

With the likes of entertainer Chi Ching Ching and the much-talked-about Ding Dong and his Ravers Clavers dance team in the house, it was no surprise to see the energy that was present at Weddy Weddy Wednesdays held at Stone Love headquarters on Burlington Avenue in St Andrew earlier this week.

The event had its usual high energy, and Chi Ching Ching took this medium to tell his fans that he felt good about the local and global response to the dance song, Rock The World, a dance created by Shakespeare and performed by Chi Ching Ching.

Also making an impact were acts like Marvin The Beast and his other half, DHQ Nickeisha, and dancer Energy, who was promoting his new dance move, Swing The Energy. Gabbidon, who is known for the Gimme Way dance move, and veteran dancer Shelly Belly also made themselves seen.

Randy Rich and Fyah Ras also helped to amp the vibe with some of the latest dancehall songs that had the crowd moving all night.

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