Give the women a chance - MC Nuffy insists lyrical war between female deejays is good for dancehall

September 22, 2017
Bounty Killer

Despite the mixed emotions expressed by fans of both entertainers and members of the dancehall fraternity, followers patiently await Danielle D.I.'s lyrical retort to Ishawna's diss track, Walking Dead.

The feud between the two female dancehall artistes has escalated since D.I. initiated the lyrical battle with the release of Talk Up on September 6. Though the disses in Talk Up were meant to identify Ishawna's lack of talent, the artiste made a few personal attacks on her private life.

The self-proclaimed artiste coach and clash referee, MC Nuffy says: "I must commend Ishawna for standing up to D.I. and for also deciding not to back down from the challenge, as I don't believe she accepted because of her career, but because she knew D.I. is a person of class."

But the idea of the lyrical clash between the two has provoked other members of the dancehall fraternity, some of whom believe the women have overstepped certain clash boundaries.

"These people are singing against each other with bitterness, not keeping to the guideline of keeping musical and lyrical. In recent times, most of the rivalry and feud in dancehall is personal issues rolled over into music," said Bounty Killer

But Nuffy disagrees with Bounty Killer.


Private life


"This lyrical war between Danielle D.I. and Ishawna is a great movement for dancehall, and these male dancehall artistes need to give the females a chance to shine," Nuffy said.

"Furthermore, a deejay like Ninja Man who has used the private life of his rivals to disrespect them on stage cannot comment or say that dem gone too far with lyrics," he continued.

In Walking Dead, Ishawna admitted: "Her mouth has no filter", and alleged that D.I. is depending on a ghostwriter to assist with generating new lyrics.

And, Nuffy sees no problems there.

"Nothing is wrong with a ghostwriter, once the lyrics are memorable. All the two of dem need is a likkle training to know how to mek it look spontaneous by making it quick and collaborating with lyrics found on spot," said Nuffy.

"What everybody needs to realise is that females battle differently from males, and when a female wants to attack another female, certain aspects of dem private life going to get call up."

But Bounty insists that there should be boundaries.

"This is no advice for female or male. Clash is clash. It's the same detail and guideline. Anybody that gets in a rivalry, you just cannot get too personal," said Bounty.

Nonetheless, Nuffy strongly believes that both D.I. and Ishawna could survive on a live clash, "once it is one with clean lyrics." He also said that making mention of an artiste's ill mother would not get the support of fans on a local stage show.

"But take it from the referee, nobody not leading, them still just punching," said Nuffy.

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