Reggae icon endorses Ricky Nevado

December 28, 2017
Ricky Nevado

Up-and-coming reggae singer Ricky Nevado has got a big boost with the sanctioning of Big Ship's head honcho Freddie McGregor, who has hailed him as one of the bright sparks to watch.

After listening to his latest release, Rock Me, the veteran singer exclaimed "maad!"

McGregor said he is impressed with 21-year-old Nevado's talent and if he continues with the right kind of material, he will go far.

Ricky Nevado, whose given name is Nevado Wellington, said the song is a part of his life story.

"I wanted to be a soldier, but was denied after the physical examinations. I wrote and sung that song two years ago," he said.

The young singer said he has no intention of putting his music in a box or to be identified as a specific type of singer.

"The public and fans will ultimately decide, however, my songs will reflect a lot of love. Not necessarily love between couples, but love between families and for the people," he said of his music.

Nevado's love affair with music is nothing new. He said that from a young age, he has been singing in church.

Taking his love a little further, he has done music courses, piano lessons and voice training.

Presently, Nevado is in Connecticut, where he is recording songs for Kong Star Records.

"We have just released the video for Rock Me on YouTube, which is getting a lot of views. Once we are comfortable that the public knows Ricky Nevado, then we will be putting out more good music," he said.

Nevado says he sees the music business as a vast sea with many great singers and musicians. With that in mind, he said he is not trying to "conquer the business, but add my contributions and see where the tides take us".

Looking ahead, Ricky Nevado says his ultimate goal is to provide good conscious songs that even his Christian parents will be proud to play at home and in the car.

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