Ding Dong goes global - Signs as Grace Foods ambassador

June 29, 2018
Ding Dong
Ding Dong cooks mackerel and sausages on a coal stove at the Grace run a boat execution in Nannyville in May. The same meal combo is featured in the commercial.

If you've been paying any attention to your television, you would have seen dancehall entertainer Ding Dong's remix of 'Flairy' in a richly coloured Grace Tin Mackerel commercial.

The commercial is a flurry of quick, deep-hued shots, including dancing, expert kitchen knife skills, some smoke effects and a sizzling pan of Grace Frankfurters and Grace Tin Mackerel.

The commercial has struck a chord with viewers. Social media users have described the Flairy-Grace Tin Mackerel commercial as the best one to 'grace' screens in a long time.

While already affiliated with the brand, the Fling Yuh Shoulder singer recently put pen to paper to become Grace Foods' global ambassador.

"People love it (the commercial); people nuh want it done. To be affiliated with a company of that magnitude and stature, I'm honoured," Ding Dong told THE WEEKEND STAR.

This move makes Ding Dong the first non-athlete and dancehall representative to ever take on such a role.




"It's a huge opportunity. It's a huge deal in terms of what it does for me and the fraternity of dancehall," the Nannyville native said.

Don Wehby, CEO, GraceKennedy Limited, said the ad has brought "so much positive feedback".

"I think what makes it so great is that Ding Dong cuts across all demographics and social classes. In fact, that's the great thing about this partnership between Ding Dong and GraceKennedy," he said. "Everybody enjoys our food the mackerel, the corned beef, everything and they love how Ding Dong entertains, and that's why we're going to have a great partnership going forward."

Ding Dong said he feels proud that young people in inner-city communities and garrisons will be able to see someone emerge from similar circumstances to produce an image and sound that will become globally accessible.

"It's a huge stepping stone for me, because it put me in every house, a lot of houses that I never existed in, in houses that people shut dancehall out of," he said.

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