Dancers' Paradise: Dancing Rebel eyes entrepreneurship

September 28, 2018
Christina Nelson, aka Dancing Rebel.
Christina Nelson, aka Dancing Rebel.
Christina Nelson, aka Dancing Rebel.

A dancer's life is based in competition. From the get-go, they have to audition before panels or crowds in order to prove their worth as an artistic performer. Now a part of #TeamSpice, Christina Nelson, better known as Dancing Rebel, found her passion for dancing through competition. Ultimately, it was her competitive spirit which landed her the opportunity to travel the world with the dancehall superstar.

"I wanted to be a gynaecologist growing up, but attending high school that all changed from entering competitions and stuff. I found my passion there," the small-bodied entertainer told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Combining her passion for dance with a love of dancehall, Dancing Rebel spent time integrating herself in the community by attending weekly parties. It was there that she was scouted by the 'Queen Smurfette'.

"I was at an event called Uptown Mondaze. Spice hosted a competition, and I entered. From there, she had her eyes on me. I was suggested by my two friends, Danger and TC," she revealed.

However, two years passed before she got the opportunity to work perform with the Indicator singer.




Dancing Rebel describes being able to go on tour with the star as an awesome feeling. She said being on the road with Spice is like having a big sister to run around with.

"All fun and jokes. But when it's work time, she is a beast," Rebel said.

As much as she enjoys her current job, Dancing Rebel does not intend to stay rebellious forever.

"I have my plans on a huge table. I won't be doing certain things in age, but I am sure I will be a dance studio owner. I don't have to do it, but I can be the engine that helps to build others," the budding entrepreneur told THE WEEKEND STAR.

That idea aligns with Dancing Rebel's other concessionary plans if the gynaecologist one didn't pan out, and she didn't stumble upon her passion for dance.

"I would definitely be a multiple business owner. And I have a love for cooking and hairstyling. So let's say I would own a restaurant and hair salon," she said.

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