Jameik King bats for agriculture on new single


October 09, 2018
Jameik King

While many parents urge their children to become lawyers, doctors and teachers, Jameik King has been very vocal about embracing careers in agriculture.

His new video for the single Together As One urges Jamaicans to grow produce to help develop the Jamaican economy and to bring families together.

The video, shot in his home parish of St Thomas, showcases the power of labour in agriculture; it also speaks to mentoring youth in the field.

"Jamaica is blessed and we have great sunlight, so why not cultivate more? Agriculture is a very rewarding field, but I

believe it's oftentimes downplayed," said King.

The reggae recording artiste, who released the video for Together As One on Reggaeville's YouTube channel, was also adamant that skills in agriculture should be offered as early as primary-level education in Jamaica.

He added "We talk a lot about issues being faced in the agricultural industry and less about how fruitful the industry is. I want to urge young people to factor in these high points and look at ways to actively deal with any issues that may arise".

Jameik King is known for singles such as One Step on the New Step Rhythm and Paradise.

He prides himself on spreading positivity through his music and wants to be listed among the top artistes that hail from St Thomas.

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