Blizzi having a 'good time' ... Continues family musical tradition


November 07, 2018
Contributed Blizzi
Toots Hibbert

Continues family musical tradition

Recording artiste Blizzi has collaborated with singer Savone for the release a sweet new song titled 'Good Time'.

The appropriately titled track matches the vibe of the song - mellow, smooth vocals over a calm reggae beat that is reminiscent of a good time in the Caribbean, whether at the beach, at a party, or just chilling with friends at home.

Blizzi and Savone (who is the daughter of the legendary singer Pam Hall) have worked on other tracks; however, this is the first song that has her appearing as a featured artiste.

Also a relative of musical royalty, Blizzi is the grandson of reggae legend Toots Hibbert, a native Clarendonian.

Good Time is featured on Blizzi's Legacy EP, a seven-track effort that was released in January.

Produced by DJ Blizzard

Music, the producer-turned-DJ showcases his talent with a mix of out-of-the-box sounds and arrangements.

Showcases diversity

From fast-hitting dancehall tracks like Million$, to calm reggae tracks like Good Time, Blizzi showcases his diversity well, switching between deejaying and singing.

Other tracks on the EP include Mama Say, No More Special and Remember Me.

Blizzi believes Good Time will spearhead his breakthrough on international radio.

"The feedback has been positive so far; I see this song going places. I will be shooting a video for it very soon," he said.

The track is already gaining traction on the international scene, having peaked at number 17 on the Hot 25 Dancehall and Reggae Chart for Australia.

He has also acquired an international promo deal that licenses his songs for musical promotions, such as streaming and ringtones.

Good Time is available for streaming and purchase on all major digital platforms.

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