Jodian Pantry fighting crime in Clarendon through music

December 05, 2018
Jodian Pantry

Gospel singer Jodian Pantry has thrown hat into in the ring with those trying to bring about peace in Clarendon.

Pantry, who hails from Clarendon, started her effort in 2015 when she launched Gospel Tenacity in Lionel Town. It is an anti-violence gospel show, which Pantry says aims to combat crime by creating a friendly, safe and peaceful environment for everyone to feel safe. There are performances, as well as socialising and bonding activities.

The next staging of the event will be held in May Pen on New Year's Day, featuring Wayne Marshall and Alaine, JaBez, Goddy Goddy, Rohan Hayles, Kevin Heath, Chozenn, Lucas and, Sadra Madonna Lindsay.

Expounding on the show, Pantry said that activities will begin at midday with 'Fi Wi Culture' that will have performances from school choirs, dancers and soloists from schools in the parish.

Pantry said that since the first staging, the aim has always been to go beyond "Jesus and prayer."

"We also gave birth to this event because we really want to assist with touching and impacting lives in the parish by giving back to persons who are sick and those who are not living in proper conditions," Pantry said.

She added that part proceeds from the last staging of the event went to eight-year-old cancer patient Jerodene Bailey, who has since succumbed to the illness.

"We were able to contribute to her family, and come January 1, 2019, we will be assisting a 45-year-old visually impaired to have better living conditions," she said.

Pantry said that her ultimate goal is to accomplish peace in the parish and to reach those who may be feeling neglected, hopeless and ostracised from everything and everyone.

"I want them to feel alive when they attend Gospel Tenacity. They will feel the love, warmth and appreciation the moment they enter the venue," she said.

Looking ahead on a personal level, Pantry said that come 2019, she will be heading to Mikey Bennett's Grafton Studio to work on her first gospel album.

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