Bishop Escobar benefits from corporate Jamaica


December 11, 2018
Bishop Escobar

To the benefit of many dancehall entertainers, corporate Jamaica has come knocking with innovative campaign ideas that strike the balance between raw talent and socially acceptable material.

Not only have performing artistes benefited, but so too have popular disc jockeys and emcees. To date, MC Nuffy, GT Taylor, Badda Bling and others have made the transition. Also making a progressive transition is Montego Bay's Bishop Escobar. The MC and DJ, now managed by Romeich Entertainment, is steadily becoming one of the industry's biggest talents.

Known for his outlandish behaviour, witty comments and killer musical selections, the well-respected DJ is beginning to see his fair share of corporate bookings.

A staple with the hard-core dancehall audience, Bishop Escobar says: "Dancehall is versatile, and so it's easy to mould it into many things. It's possibly one of the best genres of music, and so it wouldn't make sense to leave it out of anything. If corporate wants to connect with the street in a relatable way, then dancehall is how they do that".

With brands like Magnum Tonic Wine tied heavily to local music and street culture, Bishop Escobar and many others are beginning to reap the rewards of years of hard work.


"Dancehall is my livelihood. It's one of the main ways I am able to provide for myself and my family. I've put in a lot of work over the years. It's not easy to build and maintain a good reputation, so getting to the point where corporate companies acknowledge and would like to work with you is nothing easy. I'm never one-dimensional and people can tell that from my personality, so helping to break this barrier with dancehall is a responsibility I take personally," Escobar said.

With the busy Christmas season approaching, Escobar and other entertainers are gearing up for what seems set to be a busy time. Among the events on the DJ's roster is Magnum Xplosion, slated for December 14 at the Melbourne Cricket Club in St Andrew. It will also feature other acts like DJ Antsman, Ding Dong, Aidonia, Spice, Agent Sasco, Teejay, Mr Lexx, Chico and Bling Dawg.

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