I was not beaten for Buju comments – Lutan Fyah

March 14, 2019
Lutan Fyah

Lutan Fyah is denying claims that he was beaten up by thugs, following his statement that Buju’s concert should be free.

In a video circulating on social media, Lutan Fyah addresses what he describes as lies being propagated by vloggers.

“Mi a notice some vloggla man, di man dem weh vlog pan social media. Dem a tell a bag a lie, and mek up a bag a stories weh mi nuh know bout, cause yuh know wi nuh listen to ‘yap yap’ and propaganda. Mi a nuh beaten stick, dat a di first thing,” he said

The Let Me Be singer told THE STAR that his comment does not warrant a beating.

“From this likkle free show talk, I don’t expect it to reach dat far dat people a go vex enough fi feel like a next man fi get beat up,” he said.

“A music businessman, wi nuh expect violence inna music business. We nuh have no fear of nobody a go violate wi, or approach wi. Wi don’t have that kind a fear, cause this is entertainment. Memba wi a cultural artiste, people have wah kinda respect, weh dem nah just disrespect yuh just suh, cause wi nah dis nobody fi haffi gone bad,” he added.

However, he’s still maintaining that Buju’s concert should have been free. “If it was I, in that position, I’d do a free show,” he said

In the meantime, Lutan Fyah said he won’t be at Buju’s Long Walk to Freedom Concert, happening this Saturday at the National Stadium. “If mi deh ya, mi surely wudda go, but due to how mi have different immediate situations to deal with. A overseas mi deh ya now,” he said.

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