Dancers' Paradise: Going the distance - Tev Immortal makes ultimate sacrifice for his dance group

March 15, 2019
Tevaughn ‘Tev Immortal’ Bryan
Tevaughn ‘Tev Immortal’ Bryan
From left: Some members of the Active Immortals dance group: Ninja Immortal, Peppa Immortal, Joel Immortal, Prince Immortal, Tev Immortal and Hecta Immortal.

Many people hold nine-to-five jobs to facilitate their dreams, but Tevaughn ‘Tev Immortal’ Bryan says he has a nine-to-12, working as an entertainment coordinator at the Royalton Resort in Negril.

The dance choreographer has always had an affinity for dance, and formed the seven-member group Active Immortals four years ago. With costume expenses and the financial responsibilities borne by him alone, Bryan made the ultimate sacrifice to move from his Old Harbour community to get a full-time job.

“The group was actually on the verge of breaking out, ’cause a lot of good things were coming towards us. But growing up, we never rich, and as the group leader, I had to make a decision,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“It was always a challenge to get money to buy costumes, and even when we went to parties, and the party done, we haffi sit down pon the road and wait, ’cause we can’t get no car. It’s been a lot of ups and downs, so the final decision was to go work to help out on the financial side.”

With the long-distance factor, Bryan said he commutes on his days off for rehearsals and dance classes, and ensures that the group stays on track.

“There will be times when persons lack motivation, and me haffi step up and remind them seh everything a go work out,” he said.

“It’s a lot of pressure on my side because of my job, but I have to find the balance and make sure things get done. When I am not there, the guys are teaching, which helps put money towards costumes. And if they come up with a new dance step, they’ll send me videos, and we practise when we meet up.”

Active Immortals has participated in several dance competitions hosted by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, and they have also entered Dancin’ Dynamites and the Boom Badda Dan Competition.

Bryan has greater plans for the group, one of which is ‘Out of Many, One People’ – a dance production showcasing local dance forms throughout history.

“I want to build the Active Immortals brand so we can have classes going constantly, and I’d love to see the group travel to other places beyond Jamaica,” he said. “I want to be a life fitness coach, too, and I want to see the other members branching out and doing their thing, too.”

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