Shaundon sings tribute to Buju

March 21, 2019
Buju Banton

The energy that permeated through the walls of the National Stadium last Saturday during Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom Concert connected with upcoming artiste Shaundon.

It has also inspired him to release a tribute to Buju, also dubbed Long Walk To Freedom.

“I was up watching the live stream of the show, and I just got inspired by it. It gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. I was like wow, I have to do something about this. And music is my way of expressing what I’m feeling, and based on what I was feeling at the time, I was like wow – I’m gonna do this right now,” he said.

Shaundon told THE STAR that he wrote the song the same night, and recorded it and produced the video the next day with the help of recording artiste and producer Answele.

So far, the video has received almost 10,000 views on his Facebook page since it was released on Monday.

“Everybody supporting the movement and saying that it gives them goosebumps, and it’s just an incredible song, and people trying to reach out to Buju. People are trying to get through to him because they’re saying he needs to see this,” he said.

Shaundon, who hails from Montego Bay, said he’s not concerned if people think he’s seeking a ‘buss’ from Buju.

“For me, people will always say this and say that, but they’re looking at the bad side of the situation. This is a tribute to an iconic person, so if you wanna think that this is just about the hype, oh well. We’re doing this for him, and people are gravitating towards it,” he said.

Describing his style as different and emotional, Shaundon said Buju has always been one of his greatest influences.

“I’m young, so I grew up listening to the artistes that were there before and Buju is definitely one of those persons. And Buju sings for the ladies, and I also sing for the ladies; so you gonna have to look up to someone like that,” he said.

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