Black Jak ‘holding di faith’ as he builds career

February 19, 2020
Blak Jak

Balaclava-born artiste Blak Jak said he believes he can achieve his musical ambition through the singing of real, catchy and relevant music.

The artiste, christened Jerdain Fisher, said his latest effort is a song, Hold di Faith, which is true to the determination he has in becoming a household name in the music industry.

Black Jak said the song has been getting traction on radio and social media, which proves very encouraging to the effort that was put into producing it.

“I realised from my time at Maggotty High School that there was some love for music, as I would perform at several concerts at the school and other social functions and even write lyrics for some of my classmates who would choose to do music. But my true potential [I] started to be realised when I would do freestyle with my brother at home, much to the enjoyment of my family members and friends,” Black Jak said.

He said that currently he is self-managed. However, if the right person comes along, he is willing to have a professional manage his career as the industry needs all the structure for one to be truly successful.

“I know that music is a continuous work of the mind to create positive, catchy and flexible lyrics to suit different types of persons and remain relevant at the same time. Therefore, I intend to continue to write lyrics that can educate and entertain, while allowing me to make an honest living,” he said.

Fisher said though he has a nine to five, he takes the music very seriously and has a five-year plan as to “fully take over the market”.

“I am confident as I am possessed with a sound, catchy and relevant style that is flexible to different types of people,” Black Jak said.

He said that with all the good intentions, he is aware that there can be pitfalls.

He, however, explained that he has the determination to continue his contribution by way of good authentic music.

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