D’Angel selling used underwear on OnlyFans

October 08, 2020

This summer, D'Angel caused a stir when she announced that she had joined subscription platform, OnlyFans, a virtual space where users can sell and/or purchase original content, which ranges from virtuous to sleazy.

At that time, she told the media that she would not go the explicit route, but her recently leaked 'menu list' on the platform suggests otherwise.

D'Angel, who brands herself on OnlyFans as the 'Long and Lean Doll', recently introduced subscribers to her "Tip Menu".

A note on her OnlyFans page states, "Now that I'm getting more comfortable. I've decided which boundaries I can push, let me introduce my Tip Menu to add more flavour to my content. Any and all tips are appreciated." Her subscribers pay US$19.99 per month, and have access to items which also attract a cost.

Items on her menu list include one worn underwear, which can be mailed to the buyer for $200; two sexual custom provocative photos for $100; one 'booty' pic for $50; longer sexual conversation for $50; and sexting with pics for $70.

Quizzed about her offerings

Videos are also available and they come in full length exotic and custom sexual/teasing short videos. Music from the artiste is also an option.

When quizzed about her offerings which were on full display for all to see, rather than being limited to subscribers only, D'Angel seemed surprised that her menu was readily accessible. However, she told THE STAR that OnlyFans is the perfect rebranding tool for her and emphasised that she is only satisfying her fans.

"That's what the fans want. It is food for the soul," she said. "Dem can leak anything dem want. I am shopping and treating myself to the best life has to offer. It's COVID time now and nothing nah gwaan. It's paying my bills."

D'Angel further feels that it is time to "normalise women owning their sexuality", and said that she refused to see herself taking charge of her sexuality as a negative.

THE STAR visited the OnlyFans pages owned by celebrities such as Cardi B, Blac Chyna and Ishawna, and none of them had their menu board on display to visitors.

D'Angel said she was not in any hurry to lock up hers.

"I will probably get more subscribers," she said. "This does not take away from my exceptional maternal skills and responsibilities, because at the end of the day I still need to provide for my child and make a living."

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