Golden Age Home gets Christmas cheer

December 18, 2020
George Nooks
George Nooks
In this 2019 photo, George Nooks is seen performing for residents of the Golden Age Home.
In this 2019 photo, George Nooks is seen performing for residents of the Golden Age Home.

Reggae singer George Nooks was determined that this year he was not going to allow the COVID Grinch to steal Christmas from the residents of Clusters C and D at the Golden Age Home, his adopted charity.

With a government ban on all festive activities, Nooks and his wife, Heather, were unable to host the usual all-day visit and concert for the home, but they made up for that with presents.

"Mr and Mrs Nooks went way above and beyond what was expected of them this year," a delighted Morlene Moncrieffe, cluster supervisor, told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Interestingly, this year, we were looking and not looking, because we know the impact of this pandemic on everybody. And, plus we had been exposed to the virus, so nobody can come in. Protocols are very strict, but I can tell you that Cluster C and D residents are very happy, and so too are the staff."

Nooks, in keeping with social distancing protocols, had a caterer deliver meals to all the residents, along with ice cream. There were also care packages for everyone. The God is Standing By singer admitted that he missed the face-to-face interaction he would normally have with residents and staff. Last Christmas, for example, Nooks and his friends Joan Flemmings, Jodian Pantry, and Gem Myers cheered residents with a mini-concert, but that just wasn't possible for 2020. However, he believes that the important thing is that people feel loved and appreciated.

"We did what we had to do and it is a very good feeling. This is something I look forward to every Christmas, and 2020 was, I think, the year that needed it most, so we had to come through. After all the death and sickness and isolation that this pandemic bring, people's spirit have to get that special upliftment," Nooks said.

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