King Muziah salutes the good women

September 30, 2021
King Muziah
King Muziah

Reggae singer King Muziah says real-life experiences inspired his single Good Woman.

"Every man desires a good woman because when you have a good woman in your life, everything is all right. I can speak from personal experience and what I've observed in other people's lives. This song is a song for all the good women out there who know how to treat their king man right," said the artiste.

Produced by Conroy Smith of Love Star Music Production and King Muziah, Good Woman was released September 24.

King Muziah, who believes the single can be his breakthrough, is currently working on several new projects with I Am Joy Productions and Love Star Music Production.

"I have a lot of new music in the works, including an upcoming single with Perfect Giddimani. I'm also working on a new album," he said.

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