Yaksta wants more support for younger generation

January 25, 2023
Yaksta performing at Rebel Salute last weekend.
Yaksta performing at Rebel Salute last weekend.
Yaksta chilling at Rebel Salute at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, St Ann on night one.
Yaksta chilling at Rebel Salute at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, St Ann on night one.

Reggae and dancehall artiste Yaksta has criticised some veterans for chastising young artistes for delivering content similar to what they performed in the past.

"Really and truly, it [my statement] was not really directed to the Government per se, it is about the hypocrisy amongst the elders and the youngsters. It's just like a double standard. Dem cussing the youth dem 'bout songs about murdering people and sexual activities with women and all those other taboo things that the youth a sing 'bout now. But it really is just an evolution about what they have been seeing before them, just a bit more graphic now," he told THE STAR.

During his performance on stage at Rebel Salute on the weekend, he addressed the crowd saying that the youth needed support.

"If you start off killing, the protege a guh wah surpass his master. To we leader them, we see what you a seh and we a try mek a change. All Yaksta a ask for fi all the younger generation like myself is likkle bit more support," he declared mid delivery.

Yaksta, who is also commonly known as the 'Bush Lawd', had his breakout year in 2019 and rose to stardom during the course of the pandemic with the tracks Ambition and Humans. While making it clear that he is grateful for all the support Jamaica has given him, he said there are others who make conscious music without much highlight.

"It is not like people not putting out potent music, it just nah get the right highlight. Yuh have Jaz Elise, yuh have Imeru, yuh have Nation Boss, yuh have Monifa Goss, Blvk H3ro, Chris Malachi, Runkus, Royal Blu, a lot of them yute deh a do great music. But it nah really get no ears and oftentimes they differentiate the music cause dem nah farwud from uptown but everybody cyaa come from uptown," he reasoned.

According to him, previous generations could spend more time assisting and guiding the younger artistes who make a certain kind of music instead of chastising them. He also asked for support from the Government.

"The youth need grants. We need more opportunities and investment in the business when it comes to the sector. We need an industry for ourselves within the industry because while it exists, it is not necessarily we own it. We need a solid publishing sector that supports publishing and investing in young talent who come to us and want money to get studio time and so on. We can look at support in the embassy so more youth can get their visas and tour overseas," he explained.

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