Gaffer looking forward to collab with rapper Sukihana

January 26, 2023

Comedian and social media influencer, Gaffer, having received a special request from Sukihana, a main cast member on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Miami, is convinced that his star is in the ascendancy.

Sukihana, who has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, reached out to him through that platform and Gaffer is ready to rumble.

"Sukihana duet my videos on TikTok and then I noticed that she started following me on Instagram. This week she messaged me to say that she wants to a do a collab with me. This is definitely something that will shine a light on me and get me the eyes of the international crowd," Gaffer told THE STAR. He also shared the conversation with the news team.

Gaffer, who boldly engages his audience on social media and "talk up di tings that people want to hear" has cast his lot as the unapologetic 'Maama Man' who is not afraid to state that he watches his woman excessively. His videos revolve around the antics of the jealous lover as well as the behaviour of the professional "sideman".

"I prefer to call what I do social commentary. A lot of the ideas come from people who tell me about things that are actually happening in their lives and ask me to do a skit," Gaffer explained, adding that it is the sideman skits that get the most likes and shares because they appeal to both men and women.

He shared that Sukihana, who got loads of attention through her posts on Instagram, and for viral songs such as Blame Trina and 5 Foot Freestyle, likes his videos about the self-confessed "panty parrot" and one in which his character tells his woman that "Yuh cyaan have nuh man best friend".

The US-born Sukihana has previously made her love for Jamaican culture known, and last February, she posted a picture of Hood Celebrityy to her Instagram, along with the caption: "Mi artiste me rate yuh."

It was in 2019 that Gaffer, who works full time with a security company, started his comedy tour of social media, switching to social commentary during the lockdown and steadily building his fan base to the point where he is now sponsored by cricketer Marlon Samuels' Yellow Zebu energy drink.

"Yellow Zebu .... I am pushing that now. Every month I get my cheque, products, clothing, things like that. but I have to have my full-time job to pay the bills and send my boys to school. The white people dem from foreign ... dem love the videos, even the Christian dem love it. Dem seh dem put in the earphone and listen to the raw one dem and then ask fi forgiveness," said Gaffer, whose given name is Aswrick Gazadier.

He shared that as someone who has experienced depression and suffered at the hands of an aggressive adopted father, now deceased, from age six to 16, he wants to highlight some of the ills of society in a thought-provoking, but humorous way.

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