Fokus talks about ‘True Love’

March 24, 2023

Canadian recording artiste Fokus shares his concept of true love on a single of the same name.

" True Love is a reflective piece as the song suggests; relationship standards, self-standards and monogamous love must implement back inna dancehall culture. I plan to do this through my creative riddim and wordplay," said Fokus.

The artiste and his team are busy promoting the single, which was released on February 10. The single is produced by Jonathan Karkar and Andre Kaden Black; they jointly made the composition and the artiste wrote the lyrics, the vocal melodies, and the rhythm.

"Working with Jon and Andre has been one for the books! I took a very different approach with them to music production than the one I was used to previously since I began making music. Before, I would write my melodies and lyrics to the composition I purchased the rights to. With Jon and Andre, I wrote the song first and then they wrote the musical composition to fit my melodies and lyrics. I pay big respects to Jon and Andre and wish to continue working with them. They are phenomenal at their craft," said Fokus.

He said that the feedback has been pure positivity.

"The single attracted triple the streams after the music video was released. There is much more work to be done on the marketing end though, to broaden my audience," said the artiste.

Fokus is planning to release three more significant singles this year, following another music video by the fourth quarter of 2023. He also plans to record a cover for Kevin Lyttle's Turn Me On single and is currently lining up for performances, starting this month.

"I want my music to target youth and communities highly influenced by Caribbean/West Indian culture," he said.

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