Julian Marley shows versatility on new album

March 27, 2023
Julian Marley
Julian Marley

Julian Marley has served up an exciting departure from his previous roots-reggae offerings with his album Colors of Royal, which showcases his versatility as an artiste.

The long-awaited eight-track collection features production work from Alexx Antaeus, Notnice, Mr Sonic, Sean Alaric and Prince Productions. It boasts four new songs, as well as the previously released singles, The Tide Is High and Roll, plus brand new remixes of both.

"This album is all about artistic freedom and exploration," said Marley, a two-time Grammy-nominated artiste.

"We wanted to create something that was both true to reggae music and also pushed the envelope, and I think we've achieved that with Colors of Royal. It's a journey through sound and colour, and we can't wait for people to experience it."

One of the 'girl songs' on the album is Inna Mood, an hypnotic single which is created around the themes of love and attraction. A video for the song was filmed at Wicki Wacki Beach in Eight Miles, St Andrew.

Directed by Damaniac Visualz, the sultry new video finds Marley performing the song at an intimate gathering on the beach. As the sun goes down and the bonfires and ganja blaze up, beautiful Caribbean queens move their waist to the track's intoxicating rhythm, while Marley narrates the sexy scene.

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