Bingy Linkz hopes for breakthrough ‘This Year’

May 24, 2023
Bingy Linkz
Bingy Linkz

Emerging dancehall artiste Bingy Linkz believes that 2023 is the year which will signal his breakthrough in the music industry.

That's why he is banking on the success of his single, This Year, that speaks hope that one can achieve one's dreams with inspiration and sheer will and perseverance.

"This year ah my year! I'm getting a great feedback on it so far. This is a special song, the inspiration behind it is just persistence, because of the amount of times I've tried and failed. So I tell myself that 'this year is my time' to elevate from my struggles," said the artiste, whose given name is Denston Golding. The song was released on 1 Chad Records in April, and is part of a debut EP, The Right Direction.

The artiste grew up in the small community of Connors in rural St Catherine. He attended Ginger Ridge All Age School, and then finished his secondary education at Tacius Golding High School. He was a lover of music from a tender age, singing in church and doing covers of well-known tracks. He started his music journey at age 14 when he began playing the New Generation sound system which was owned by his father.

"I got the name 'Bingy' as a nickname and the 'Linkz' was added when I used to admire Firelinks as a selector," he said.

He released his first single Seven Day Hustle in 2016 which was produced by Lamar 'Cell' Thompson for Audiotraxx Production.

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