Queenie heads to Sumfest with Undaconstructionnn

May 25, 2023
Queenie Ladi Gangsta and Undaconstructionnn.
Queenie Ladi Gangsta and Undaconstructionnn.

Dancehall artistes Queen Ladi Gangsta, aka Queenie, and Undaconstructionnn are ecstatic to be performing their new collaboration Winner (Queen Wave) at Reggae Sumfest in July.

"I am so excited to be doing Winner at Sumfest!" Queenie, who describes herself as "hyperactive", told THE STAR. "I'm proud to see that I am stepping up the ladder, even though the snake dem come out from all angle a try bite me."

The Double Tap singer's last big stage show in Jamaica was Sting 2022 where she was declared the winner of a clash with A'mari DJ Mona Lisa. Winner, which was released on May 21 on the WKDL and June Plum Records imprints, showcases a different side of her personality.

"I am the queen and I am versatile. This is a song that anyone can relate to. I have different types of fans, church fans, decent parents and kids, so this is a song they can listen to. I have a young fan whose mother doesn't want her to dance to my songs, so here is a song for them," Queenie said.

She shared some of the lyrics, " I shall live as long as I want but never want as long as I live... well done Queenie yuh done well... 10 Downing Street 10 outta 10."

Queenie had nothing but kudos for Undaconstructionnn and even called him "an angel sent by God" to counter her hyperactive personality. She hailed him for being extra supportive of her, flying to meet her in England, and turning up at her shows "with no strings attached".

"He is a mild humble spirit, and you know me with my loud and excited self, that's a good combination. His mild and reserved vibe helps to mould me into an all-purpose queen. I can be rowdy but with his help, I can do all types of songs... gospel, culture, love, I don't want to do just slackness," she said.

She said that she plans to do an EP for the artiste's label.

Undaconstructionnn, who linked with Queenie when he asked her to promote his song Crown, has built up an encouraging underground following and has upcoming collaborations with Pablo YG, Bad Gyal Jade and Lavisch. He is pleased with the response to Winner.

"Radio disc jockeys on all the major stations in Jamaica are playing the song. We did the video three times, so now we are waiting for them to finish with the edits. People are excited about seeing a different dimension of Queenie, the song is a winner," said Undaconstructionnn.

Queenie, who is currently in the Dominican Republic where she did cosmetic surgery on her teeth, definitely has much to smile about.

"I'm loving them! True mi love smile ... I came and did it. Mi a celebrity and mi do a lot of meet-and-greet. At first I said I didn't want them too white, but now I am loving them," she said.

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