Teejay looks to ‘Drift’ into busy summer

May 31, 2023

Dancehall artiste Teejay acknowledges that some persons have tagged him as "underrated" but that is not something he is about to even debate or lose any sleep over.

His mantra is "less talking and more melody" and that's the formula he has used in his high energy track, Drift, which is being touted as the anthem for the summer.

"I have fans all over the globe. I am the complete package. I am an entertainer and I give people dem money's worth. Drift is all dancehall ... dancehall need the niceness. To try something like this is just a vibe. It has become the new exercise song ... and there's a clean version," he added quickly.

He told THE STAR that Drift has already reached number one in seven countries. "Trust mi, it's the first me ever receive an impression like this," he said, sounding surprised that the song, which was uploaded to YouTube on May 19.

Teejay, who has released more than 100 singles, is no stranger to big tunes, and has seen his music videos racking up millions of views. The video for From Rags to Riches for example, has amassed more than 50 million views in two years, but there's something special about Drift.

"A the people over TikTok boost the song, and so I had to include the dance in the music video. It's a wonderful feeling to have this song that corporate people, kids and Christians can dance to," the 'Uptop Boss' said. Drift is one of the songs from his forthcoming EP, I am Chippy, explaining that 'Chippy' is his pet name.

"If Drift buss, then the EP buss," Teejay said. While gung-ho about his EP, he also lamented that "the music not breaking any barriers ... we can't sing about chopping every day". He also called for more support from the government.

"When visitors come to Kingston, they see the big sign 'The City of Music', so therefore the Government can tek up the music thing in a bigger way. Look at the Afro artistes. The whole country come together to support them and give their music that push. That's what we need to get our music where it ought to be," he said.

With Reggae Sumfest less than two months away, Tejay could not say definitively whether he's booked to perform.

"But if I am not performing at Sumfest, I will be right there in the crowd enjoying the show. It's Sumfest and we do it for the culture," the Bitcoin artiste declared.

He added however, that he is fully booked for the summer and will be making his debut at the St Kitts Music Festival, as well as some dates with diamond-selling artiste Shaggy, with whom he has the collaboration, Gyal Dem Time.

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