Real Duppy Stories : The man without any legs!

September 06, 2017

I have always heard it said that if you want to see a duppy, then your best chance would be to use the water from washed rice and splash it all over your face.

And yes, I am not a chicken when it comes on to that kind of adventure. In spite of the many admonitions from my well-meaning brothers, instead of throwing away the water off the washed rice, I poured it into a container and set about washing my face!

For a while I thought I was conned as I never saw anything 'out of the ordinary', and I sure was looking!

One night, my brothers and I went to the shop; heading back we decided to race home. Being the oldest, I was quickest and I didn't realise I had left them so far behind until I stopped at my gate and beheld them at a distance now walking leisurely towards me.

I decided to just wait there for them.

Looking ahead of me, I noticed a man was walking towards me. He was of dark complexion, he was wearing a white shirt and a black pants.

I could make out his face clearly and to tell the truth, I didn't think anything about it. I really thought it was a person just taking a stroll.

Something about him soon got my antennae up and I realised it was the fact that he was walking and I wasn't hearing any footsteps!

The minute that thought came into my head, I looked down and that's when I noticed where his pants foot stopped; I couldn't see his feet!

Not feeling very comfortable with that discovery, I decided I would just leave that spot and go meet up with my brothers.

But something was happening; I had no control over my feet. I wanted to turn back and go meet my brothers, but my feet would not obey! They were stuck to the spot I was standing.

I wanted to open my mouth and call out to my brothers but my lips seemed to be sealed they couldn't open either.

By this time I was really getting scared and the man was getting closer to me.

Just when he was about to touch me, I heard the laughter and shouts of my brothers coming up to me. I turned around and beckoned one of them to look at the man, but he was gone!!

Needless to say, after I told them, we all made a beeline through the gate, too scared to even look behind.

Since that day, I have never had another supernatural encounter, but that is enough for me.

So take it from me, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

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