Dancers' Paradise: Approach with 'Cautiion'

December 08, 2017
Pancho of Team Cautiion Dancers.

Walking up to the Sheila Barnett studio at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, one is you are immediately greeted by shoes scattered (as if the owners rushed to take them off) at the entrance.

This time around, Busy Signal's Stay So is playing only for a short moment, and the voice of Jevaughn 'Pancho' Williams of Team Cautiion Dancers is heard demanding the attention of individuals present.

It is the first class of its nature that the 23-year-old has hosted in partnership with colleague Cordane 'Master Problem' Campbell, and it was attended by over 20 aspiring and seasoned dancers (such as Exclusive Dancers) despite the low-key, last-minute announcement on social media.

"Our aim was to teach a series of steps and fuse them to make a vibrant choreography and make it a fun, engaging experience for all in attendance," Pancho told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Pancho is dedicated to showing others interested in the art form how wholesome and pleasurable it is and accepts the responsibility of being an ambassador of Jamaica's dance culture.

He has already taught dance on the international stages, as well as participated in workshops in Alaska, all just a few years after deciding to take his hobby seriously.

"I was self-taught. When I started, it was just a hobby. I have been dancing for seven years, but I am now studying dance at Edna Manley with hopes of getting a bachelor's degree in performance and choreography," he said.

The moment persons begin getting distracted, probably from having too much fun, Pancho makes a rhythmic step pattern and the sound of his feet automatically means it is show time.




The moves are complex and a mixture of modern, tutting (a style of street dance), and, of course, dancehall.

"But I started mixing with other forms so that I could manipulate my body for other musical genres. I wouldn't look as good dancing to the songs if I didn't, and I recently began learning tap, along with jazz, modern, and break-dancing, among others," Pancho said.

Pancho is all about the action and frowned upon chatter as he taught. He wanted the class to get the moves to the three and a half-minute track within the hour they were granted to use the studio.

"Dance means everything to me. It has done so many things for me that I didn't expect it to, and after seeing so many opportunities opening up, I have to take it seriously," he said.

Pancho is also involved in teaching classes every now and then with the other nine members of Team Cautiion.

"I may not know where I am headed to at the moment, but my philosophy in life is gain enough to give enough, so I remain open-minded to innovative ideas. Each day I try to think of something better than what I did the day before," he said.

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