October 24, 2015

Drama unfolded in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday after news broke that a complainant was robbed while allegedly receiving sexual favours from a crossdresser in a New Kingston gully.

Charged with robbery with aggravation is Kevin Griffiths, who boldly told the court he did not need a lawyer to represent him in the matter.

He pleaded guilty to the offence and offered the court an explanation for his action.

The court heard that in early October, the accused, along with others, held up and robbed the complainant of his cell phone, a chain, and $3,500.

Griffiths said, "Your Honour, I was leaving an event at Pulse8 and while walking on Ruthven Road, I saw one of my friends who dress like a woman. I was talking to him when I saw this man (the complainant) walking towards us with a bucket. He called over my friend and then the two of them went into the gully. I went to sit and noticed him (the complainant) standing while my friend was on his knees in front of him."

He continued, "I later heard screams coming from the gully so I was wondering if is sex noise or what. I went to look and saw him (the complainant) with a knife, so mi a defend my friend and hold on to him and we start wrestle."

The court heard that the complainant then left the scene. An investigation later was launched and the accused man was found wearing the complainant's chain.

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey asked Griffiths how he came in possession of the chain.

He said, "Your Honour, dem see me with his chain around my neck. Mi guilty of having his chain, but I never rob him. A him run lef the chain and when we a search the area mi find it on the ground."

RM Pusey asked, "Would you have given him back the chain if he came and asked for it?"

"Yes, Your Honour," Griffiths said.

The complainant did not deny the circumstances under which he lost his belongings. However, he was adamant that Griffiths robbed him of the items.

Griffiths was fined $20,000 or six months imprisonment.

A fingerprint order was also made against him.

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