Truck slams into house


November 11, 2015

Parnell Morris, a resident of Cornwall Court housing scheme in St James, is counting his blessing, after a truck, reportedly belonging to a utility company, slammed into his house on Monday.

A section of a fence surrounding the house and at least two rooms were damaged in the mishap.

The incident, which occurred about 3 p.m. on Ramtalie Boulevard, has caused several thousand dollars worth of damage.

full speed

Morris told THE STAR he had just gone to stand on his veranda a few minutes before the incident. He said when he looked across to Barbados Avenue, which runs directly to his house, he saw the truck coming off the hill in full speed with the driver blowing his horn constantly.

He said the truck ran straight across the road, broke down his concrete fence and slammed into his house, damaging his bathroom, living room, furniture and other accessories.

Morris said he and other residents assisted the driver, who at one point was motionless, from the truck. He was transported to hospital.

Morris said he is in dialogue with the utility company to determine how soon repairs can be made to his home.

- A.L.

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