Students narrowly escape injury

May 04, 2016

Three students from Fair Prospect High School in Portland, narrowly escaped serious injuries following a two vehicle collision along the San San main road in the parish this morning.

The accident involves a Toyota station wagon and a Nissan AD Wagom motor car.
According to the police, the station wagon was travelling in an easterly direction from Port Antonio, when the driver reportedly overtook another vehicle and collided in the right-side of the Nissan motorcar which was headed in the opposite direction.

The impact spun the Nissan out of control, and it ended up approximately 100 metres from where the actual crash took place. The driver of both vehicles received cuts and bruises, while three second form male students received minor injuries.

It is the second motor vehicle accident involving students in three days, as on Monday, a mini bus carrying 21 students along with an elderly woman reportedly blew a front tyre and overturned along the Ken Jones highway in St Thomas. A 15-year-old student from Happy Grove high was taken to hospital and treated for serious injuries.

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