Funds allocated for repair work in Portland

May 12, 2016
Gareth Davis Sr A National Water Commission pipeline that is under threat in the community of Clear Spring in Portland.
Gareth Davis Sr Heavy duty equipment removing silt from a river at Sea View Farm Road in Portland.

Following a preliminary assessment done on damage caused by heavy rains to minor water supply systems in Portland last week, Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie has announce that $500,000 will be disbursed to effect the necessary repairs.

McKenzie, along with a team from his ministry, toured three communities in Portland on Tuesday, which were hard hit by five days of torrential rainfall.

"I will be making available half a million dollars to the Portland Parish Council," said McKenzie. "We have to ensure that potable water is restored to residents who utilise this system for their domestic purposes."

McKenzie was expected to wrap up his two-day tour yesterday with visits to Cottage Lane, Prospect Land Settlement and Ackee Lane.

On Tuesday, McKenzie toured a section of Clear Spring where a fording, which was constructed last year to accommodate the flow of vehicular traffic into that community, was washed away during heavy rains two weeks ago.


The local government minister also expressed concern over a National Water Commission pipeline which could be seriously compromised should the parish experience a similarly heavy downpour.

Two other communities were also visited by McKenzie, including Sea View Farm Road, where there is the perennial problem of a nearby river overflowing its banks during heavy rainfall - resulting in the inundating of several homes. He also visited Johnny Hill in Norwich, where approximately two kilometres of roadway were reportedly damaged by the recent rain.

Yesterday, heavy-duty equipment, in the form of a back-hoe, was removing silt and other debris from the nearby river at Sea View Farm Road in order to reduce the likelihood of future flooding.

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